Unsinkable cruise vessel to boost tourism

Staff Reporter

KOCHI: Backwater-Operated Tourist Entertainment Launch (BOTEL) is all set to cruise into the tourism sector of the State. BOTEL is an alternative to the traditional house boats in the Indian waters and will be a trend-setter in terms of safety, claims Aries marine and Engineering Services, Sharjah, the agency that has launched the vessel.

"The scientifically designed vessel is unsinkable and its safety is being guaranteed by internationally recognised naval architects.

The hull of the vessel is fitted with stabilising keels to prevent undesired rolling in high waters," says Sohan Roy managing director of the firm.

The vessel has passages at the sides and to upper decks, toilets furnished with European finish, Ayurvedic treatment rooms and centralised music system, said the architects of the vessel.

The engines and steering system of the vessel are remotely located so as to ensure maximum comfort to the passengers. The conference-cum-dining room can accommodate 50 persons on the upper deck, they said.

The vessel also addresses the pollution caused by the discharge of sewage to the backwaters. Instead of discharging the sewage to the open waters, it is treated in a sewage treatment plant in the vessel.

Bilge water separator is also there in the vessel to separate oily water from the engine room. The vessel also has a garbage management system to store and dispose the food waste and plastic, the builders said.

The vessel draws power from the solar panel fitted on top of the vessel.

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