Temple for Bharathamuni to be set up in Chennai

PALAKKAD, OCT. 7. The danseuse Padma Subrahmanyam has said that the Bharathamuni Foundation for Asian Culture will set up a temple and a pan-Asian research centre on classical arts in Chennai.

Participating in a meet-the-press programme organised by Swaralaya, a cultural organisation, here today, the Bharathanatyam exponent said the Tamil Nadu Government had promised to allot land for the mega project in Chennai city. The project report is getting ready.

She said that Bharathamuni, whose Natyasastra had influenced art forms in India and other Asian countries, was worshiped in many Asian countries. Indonesia and Thailand have temples in his name. But India which claims the tradition of the great sage has not honoured him.

She said that any art form should reflect on social realities. Many dance forms reflect on social issues even while sticking to their traditional styles.

Music trends

On new generation music trends created by A.R. Rehman, she said he was a genius. All that is Western is not bad. Western music has its relevance and some of them can match the traditional music of India. Any experiment with Western music could be welcomed if it enriches the field of music.

Carnatic musician R.K. Sreekantan, who also participated in the meet-the-press programme, criticised fusion music and the `Jugalbandhi' of Carnatic and Hindustani music.

``Fusion music and Jugalbandhi are a waste. You are not doing justice to any one of them. In fact, it is destroying both. Fusion music is not fusion but only confusion. You are spoiling both Carnatic and Hindustani music with such gimmicks. Carnatic music is melodic and western music is orchestra music. Both are different. Orchestra music does not serve Carnatic music,'' he said.

The musician said that Carnatic music had to be preserved and rejuvenated. Art lovers and the media should play a key role in preserving traditional Carnatic music and classical dances.

The artistes were here to perform at the Swaralaya Dance and Music Festival today.