Syndicate to decide on college union elections

KOTTAYAM, NOV. 29. A Syndicate session of the Mahatma Gandhi University to be held on Tuesday will decide on elections to student unions in the colleges affiliated to it.

The conflicting interpretations given to the High Court directive on politics in campuses by private managements and the students' unions and University authorities had led to a difficult situation in the colleges when elections were held on October 29.

The students' unions called for direct elections to the college unions, while the managements preferred indirect elections on class basis.

The students' organisations called for an educational hartal on the day.

Elections in most of the colleges have not been held until now. The issue came up for discussion at the Principals' Conference held on Monday here.

The Syndicate members said at the meeting that the session scheduled for Tuesday will take a decision on the matter.

The conference was inaugurated by the Vice Chancellor Jancy James.


One of the key issues raised by principals was the need to do away with the anomalies in the restructured courses now being followed in the university.

They wanted more job-oriented courses in the affiliated colleges to be sanctioned in the next academic year.

The conference extended support to the university authorities in stabilising the examination process.

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