Survey on Periyar pollution soon

District panchayat vice president Abdul Muthaleeb has said a survey will be commissioned to study the extent of pollution of Periyar and to identify industrial units responsible for it by discharging waste into the river.

Talking at a meet-the-press at the Press Club here on Tuesday, Mr. Muthaleeb said notices would be issued to such industries. He said discussions were under way at the State government-level for the formation of a river authority to deal with the issue.

A team of the district panchayat will visit the four farms owned by the local body at Neriamangalam, Okkal, Aluva, and Maradu on Wednesday. The visit aims to assess the potential of these farms.

He said all these farms were fertile and the panchayat wanted maximum output from them. The revenue earned from these farms is reinvested in them as per the policy followed by the panchayat.

He said the Kerala Pradesh Congress Committee (KPCC) guidelines for the election of local body heads were worth emulating by other parties.

“Groups are a reality in Congress. But that should not affect the chances of eligible party workers. KPCC guidelines ensured that,” he said. Mr. Muthaleeb said there was no plan to change the chairperson midway through, which again was there in the KPCC guidelines.

He said there was no basis to the allegation that the party ignored deserving women. On the victory of the first-timer Shiny Mathew and defeat of party leader Deepthi Mary Varghese in the Corporation election, he said the party could not ignore community considerations in the selection of candidates.