Successful term

For Mayor J. Chandra, who is preparing to step down at the end of her tenure, the five-year period in office has been a highpoint in a short political career.

Having led her party to a historic win in the elections, the first woman Mayor of the city will now return to the humble role of party functionary for the time being. While her predecessor, V.Sivankutty, was forced to adopt an aggressive style to manage the fragile arithmetic in the council, the advantage of numbers during her term left Ms. Chandra relatively free to concentrate on development works.

Noted for her consensus approach, Ms.Chandra succeeded in keeping political temperatures in the council under control even under the most trying circumstances. A divided Opposition made things easier for her.

While the grapevine has it that she is likely to be considered by her party for a more lucrative position, Ms.Chandra is elusive when confronted with the question. "As a member of the Palayam area committee of the CPI(M), I will involve myself in party activities," she says.

Unassuming as ever, Ms. Chandra attributes the achievements of the last five years to the support of her party and the people.

T. Nandakumar

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