Self-financing colleges warned of blockade

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM. July 24. The Democratic Youth Federation of India (DYFI) will blockade self-financing professional colleges in the State which refuse to admit students in the merit quota as per the fee prescribed by the Government.

The all India president of the DYFI, K. N. Balagopal, said this at a press conference here today.

It is the education mafia in the State which is running the self-financing professional institutions in the State. Various religious leaders are now aiding the managements of these institutions to squeeze money out of the students studying in these institutions.

The DYFI will organise people's committees to resist the mafia-like activities of these managements.

Brute force

The DYFI State secretary, A. Pradeep Kumar, said the police was resorting to brute force in dealing with the agitation launched by the DYFI and the SFI.

"In Kozhikode, the City Police Commissioner who led the raid conducted on the DYFI district committee office and beat up our activists is doing nothing to arrest the former KPCC president, K. Muralidharan, who is the first accused in the case relating to the violent incidents at the venue of the KPCC meeting. Mr. Muralidharan's place of permanent residence falls under his jurisdiction," Mr. Pradeep Kumar pointed out.

Education bandh

Addressing a press conference here today, the SFI state president, P. K. Biju, said his organisation would observe an education bandh on Monday, lead a march of girl-students to all district headquarters on Tuesday and organise a march to all district centres of the SC/ST development department, on Wednesday, to highlight the Government's distorted educational policies which led to the suicide of the engineering student, Rajini.

The SFI would launch a collection drive to mobilise financial assistance for Rajini's family, he added.

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