Scholars to attend Vedic workshop

The sixth international Vedic workshop, slated to be held here from January 7 to 10, has attracted Sanskrit and Veda researchers and writers from universities across the world.

Besides theoretical deliberations, Veda chanting would be a special feature of the workshop, event coordinator Vinod Bhattathiripad and programme core committee members M.G.S. Narayanan, former chairman Indian Council of Historical Research (ICHR), and P. Bhaskaran Nayar of Lincoln University, U.K., said at a press conference here on Saturday.

The workshop would begin with chanting of Rigveda by Parvathy, who the organisers said, was the only female Rigveda chanter in Kerala.

This was the first international Vedic workshop to be hosted by India. The others were held at Harvard University, U.S.; Kyoto University, Japan; Leiden University, the Netherlands; University of Texas, U.S.; and the Centre for Eurasiatic and Afro-Asiatic Studies, Bucharest in Romania.

The Vedic workshop in Kozhikode would focus on Vedic texts and rituals, scholarly interpretations of Vedic texts, Vedic traditions of Kerala, and the recent resurgence of interest in the Vedas in the West. While 14 scholars from universities and research institutes in the U.S. and 12 from Japan had confirmed participation, five Vedic experts were expected from France and four each from Germany and the United Kingdom.

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