SC upholds election of Kadavoor

New Delhi Nov. 6 . The Supreme Court today upheld the election of the Electricity Minister, Kadavoor Sivadasan, from the Kundara Assembly constituency.

A Bench comprising the Chief Justice, V.N. Khare, and Justice S.B. Sinha dismissed a special leave petition filed by the rival CPI(M) candidate, Mercy Kutty Amma, against a judgment of the Kerala High Court rejecting her election petition.

Ms. Mercy had challenged the election of Mr. Sivadasan on the ground that malpractices and irregularities were committed by his election agent, Marydasan. Mr. Sivadasan had won the election by a margin around 4,000 votes. The High Court, while dismissing her petition, made certain observations against Mr. Marydasan.

In her petition, Ms. Mercy assailed the High Court judgment stating that it had not taken into consideration the malpractices and irregularities committed by Mr. Marydasan to set aside the election of Mr. Sivadasan.

Dismissing the petition, the Bench held that the petitioner had not proved that Mr. Marydasan was in fact the election agent of Mr. Sivadasan and the malpractices or irregularities were committed by him with the knowledge of the Minister.