Rs. 164-crore budget for headload workers' welfare board

KOCHI, FEB. 26. The Kerala Headload Workers' Welfare Board has approved a budget of Rs. 164-crores for the financial year 2004-2005. The Board expected a total income of Rs. 164.11 crores and equal among of expenditure during the period, a board press release said here today.

A total of 32,000 workers came under the purview of the activities of the board. During the last year, the board distributed Rs. 91.9 crores in wages, Rs. 2.8 crores as holiday wages and Rs. 10.21 crores as bonus to the headload workers, the release said.

The board also advanced Rs. 78 lakhs as house building advance to 111 workers, Rs. 6.5 lakhs as grants for marriage purposes and advanced Rs. 6 lakhs in marriage loans.

A total of Rs. 41.3 lakhs was advanced to 441children of the workers as education grants during the last year. Rs. 69.47 lakhs was advanced towards the treatment of the sick persons who come under the purview of the board.

The board would strictly implement its decision that headload workers should get their wages through the various local committees under the board.

The board would raise the gratuity payable to workers who are retiring at the age of 60 by 1 per cent. The board would incur an additional expenditure of Rs. 1.05 crores on account of this.

An annual medical camp for workers under the 120 committees of the board would be made compulsory from this year.