Reporter's Diary

The political temperature in the City Corporation Council is hotting up again after a brief lull. The rival fronts, which had closed ranks to put up a united struggle against a section of corrupt officials, are now back to war, thanks to the violent incidents in the council hall last week which signalled the outbreak of hostilities.

The UDF recommendation to delink the panchayats, which were annexed to City Corporations by the previous LDF Government, has provided ammunition for a prolonged battle in the council. Both the fronts are evaluating their prospects and preparing strategies to take advantage of the redefined political situation if the Government approves the UDF decision. The forthcoming local body elections also promise the keep the temperature on the boil.

Citizens, however, hope that mundane issues like corruption will not be sidelined as the two fronts slug it out.

While the spate of agitations before the Government Secretariat is making life miserable for the public, there are a host of people who seem to take pleasure in taking the latter to task.

They regularly organise agitations and put up sheds on the pavement in the guise of attempting to highlight their grievances before the public and the authorities concerned.

They enjoy the comfort of getting accommodation in the heart of the city without any effort.

The number of sheds on the pavement before the Secretariat is increasing regularly and many such agitators who line up seeking redressal of their grievances do not seem to be serious in settling the issues soon.

For, they lose the facility of living in the city and are hence ready to wait patiently till law takes its own course. The only option before the Government is to impose a blanket ban on such agitations in the precincts of the Secretariat. But the question who will take the first step remains unanswered.

By T. Nandakumar and N. J. Nair

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