Reporter's Diary

THE ROADS in the capital city have become uneven and potholes have surfaced in many stretches in the city after last week's rain. Potholes have reappeared in the busy Pazhavangadi-Overbridge and Chakka-Enchakkal stretches making travelling along the road difficult.

Along with this, the digging of the roads and pavements for laying cables and pipes by various user agencies such as Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited, Kerala State Electricity Board and Kerala Water Authority have compounded to the problems of road users. Newly laid roads in the city have also been dug up following pipe burst.

BSNL has dug up the pavement along the Althara-Keltron junction-Museum to lay telephone cables. A "bump" has been created in the road at the busy Keltron junction, as the workers have not bothered to properly compact the earth in the gutter.

As motorists slow down to negotiate the " bump" in the narrow road, traffic snarls are created right up to the adjoining Vellayambalam junction during peak hours.

THERE IS one sight that visitors to the museum, zoo and the Kanakakkunnu palace would not miss these days - the heap of plastic and garbage on the road leading down to the Sooryakanti exhibition grounds.

This heap of stinking garbage often proves an irritant to those who park their vehicles on this road.

Many a tourist can be seen holding his nose as he makes his way past the garbage to his bus parked nearby.

It was, however, pointed out by those who run the nearby teashops that it is very often the tourists themselves who create this problem by throwing plastic carry-bags and other waste material.

It was also pointed out that the garbage from this spot is not removed on a regular basis by the authorities concerned.

By S. Anil Radhakrishnan

and G. Mahadevan

By S. Anil Radhakrishnan

and G. Mahadevan

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