Register case against Kuttappan: Pinarayi

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM, JULY 24. The CPI(M) State secretary, Pinarayi Vijayan, today said that the Minister for the Welfare of Scheduled and Backward Communities, M.A. Kuttappan, should be made the first accused for the death of Rajani S. Anand, an engineering student from a backward community who had committed suicide in Thiruvananthapuram on Thursday.

At a press conference here, Mr. Vijayan said that the police should register a case against the Principal of the college where she had been studying, and the bank authorities, who had turned down her request for an education loan, for abetting the suicide.

Visits Rajani's house

Mr. Vijayan, after visiting the house of Rajani and speaking to her parents, said that he was convinced that her death was not an ordinary case of suicide. It was a pointer to several grave social issues that were raised by the Government's distorted policies.

"The policy we had been following all along was to give every possible Government support for any student from the backward community who wishes to get educated. In Rajani's case, we find that the Government had denied her the assistance due to her on the ground of silly technical reasons," he said. She was not being given her hostel fees, as the hostel in which she was staying did not come under the category of hostels approved by Dr. Kuttappan's department, Mr. Vijayan alleged.

Mr. Vijayan called upon the banks to do some introspection on whether their policies were in the right direction.

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