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Train to IT city

The rush of passengers from Thiruvananthapuram to Bangalore is increasing day by day. The trains available at present are not sufficient to meet the demands of the passengers. Hence, it will be a great boon if a new train, starting from Kochuveli, via Thiruvananthapruam Central, Nagercoil, Madurai, Erode and Salem to Bangalore is introduced to ease the situation. The train should start from Kochuveli, at least three days in a week and vice versa from Bangalore. Will the railway Divisional Managers of Thiruvananthapruam and Madurai be kind enough to consider matter?

V.G. Balakrishnan


Welcome move

The report on the decision of the Thiruvananthapuram Corporation to rehabilitate beggars in collaboration with the Sri Sathya Sai Orphanage Trust is admirable ( The Hindu dated 18.1.2006). Of late, there is an increase in the number of alms-seekers, the majority of whom come from Tamil Nadu. Apart from the threat they pose to the peaceful life of the city, they spread dreadful contagious diseases among the public. Leprosy patients are in plenty among these beggars.

Over and above their mild scratching and soft fondling we have to swallow their abuses in filthy language if we refuse to pay them alms. Women are, particularly constrained to pay them to avoid their irritating pat. Unless the inflow of migrant beggars is restricted at source, it is feared that the life in the city is going to be very difficult for the common man. The city will be flooded with beggars in the near future and there could be virtually no space to move around for the public. Public places such as bus stands, railway stations, and public roads are the worst affected spots. The move of the Corporation to initiate action in February to rehabilitate beggars is a welcome move.

Bal Payyannur


Death traps

A man died recently by falling into a gutter at Kowdiar. Ambujavilasam Road, which connects GPO Junction at Pulimood and the old GPO Junction at Kunnumpuram, is narrow road which experiences heavy traffic during daytime on all working days. There are deep gutters on both sides of the road. As the gutter is not fully covered two wheeler riders and pedestrians find it very difficulty to pass through this road.

Authorities concerned should initiate steps to cover the gutter with slabs, as there is no footpath on this road.

Karamana Mani


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