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Preserving the bridges

Sir, - Alas! The old historical Venduruthy Bridge, constructed during British regime, had an attack by a dredger with consequent small crack and the adjoining rail bridge also sustained a crack resulting in indefinite suspension of the train traffic through the bridge. Anyhow, thank God, it is soon confirmed that the bridge could survive and can be used further for single lane traffic only. Some leaders had reportedly stated that a new bridge could be constructed in 18 months.

Of course, a new bridge should be constructed at any cost parallel to the old bridge. But the old Venduruthy Bridge should not be demolished under any circumstance. The Mattancherry Harbour Bridge and the Venduruthy Bridge should be preserved as heritage bridges with periodical repairs and maintenance, for light vehicular traffic only.

A new parallel Venduruthy Bridge can be constructed in a suitable spot, preferably on the north side of the old bridge. A new bridge without a toll controversy will be highly preferred.

H. Ravikumar Pai

South Cherlai

Code of conduct


Sir, - We have had many instances of bus strike whereby the public are in dilemma. There is a general plea that bus owners are in loss, but experiences show that they buy new buses one after another. So something is hidden here and we have to trace what is real fact. The following may be clarified:

Why in other States bus fares are comparatively less than here; b) the Government must order for a regulatory commission to find out ways and means of this; c) charges must be for running kilometres, with the minimum charge we should be able to travel minimum 5 km; d) speed governors should be introduced compulsorily so that a good amount of diesel can be saved; e) the aspect of public welfare also should be taken into consideration while arriving at a solution; f) even now from Tripunithuraa to Ernakulam (two way) a passenger has to pay about Rs.10, which is too much for a the common man, and e) the difference of fare between Menaka to Kaloor is Rs.1 which is hardly a couple of kilometres.

Both bus owners and the Government should come forward for an amicable settlement and this sort of strike once in a year or two should be discouraged and in future an established code of conduct should be given to bus owners. Defaulters should be punished severely, even to the extent of cancelling permits.

A democratic enjoyment of travel from one place to another is a right by birth. Please keep this message alive.

Davis Vithayathil


Government's duty

Sir, - The Government does not give any subsidy or assistance to bus owners. But it raises the taxes and fuel price unilaterally and periodically.

So, morally it has no right to dictate the fares for the service rendered by the bus owners. Let them decide what to charge for the services.

People will decide which bus to use and which one to avoid

The duty of the Government is to ensure safety and continuity. Nothing else is important.

Ranjit Grover


South Cherlai

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