Raids in quarries make raw materials scarce

Staff Reporter

Fall-out of move to detect explosives

KOZHIKODE: The State Committee, Kerala Government Contractors' Association, has alleged that following stringent checks being conducted in quarries for detecting any explosive material, there is great scarcity for `bolar' and `metal' needed by the construction sector.

The prices of these commodities have also registered an unprecedented rise, the association alleged.

High price

Another anomaly was that even if a high price was paid, the contractors were not in a position to get the measured quantity of the item concerned.

Although there is no ban now on sand-mining, the mafia in the sector was demanding a higher price for river sand. The result is that small contractors were now faced with a crisis owing to scarcity, and high price of the items needed in the construction sector.

Delay in work completion

Contractors are not in a position to complete Government works as well as that of the Local Self Government institutions, and funds were getting lapsed, it was added.

The association wanted the authorities concerned to take measures to assist the contractors in carrying out their business.