Rabid dog bites 12 people

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM, AUG. 14. A stray dog, believed to be rabies infected, has bitten 12 persons, all residents of Oolamkuzhy, near Anayara, in the city this evening.

As the dog remains untraced till late in the night, the entire locality has been gripped by panic and fear.

It was Anitha, a housewife, who became the first victim, followed by her daughter Aswathy. The dog, emerging as though from nowhere, ran into their house and bit the two. The neighbours, Babu, Antony and Sunil, who rushed to the house on hearing their cries, were also attacked by the rabid dog. All the six were rushed to the General Hospital here and administered injections.

Another six people, who were also attacked by the dog, were treated in a private hospital nearby. The local people said that cows, goats and pet dogs were also bitten. Based on information provided by the local residents, doctors at the General Hospital indicated that the dog could have been rabid.

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