PSC applicants hold up train

THRISSUR OCT. 5. A group of applicants who were proceeding to appear for the PSC tests in various parts of North Kerala detained the Mangalore-bound Malabar Express in Thrissur Railway station in the wee hours of today.

The general coaches of the train were already crowded when the train arrived here from Thiruvananthapuram and the applicants demanded that the railway authorities should either introduce additional coaches or open the doors of reserved compartments for them to travel.

However the railway authorities explained their inability to introduce additional coaches as new coaches were not available in Thrissur. They also said they cannot permit people with ordinary tickets to travel in reserved compartments as this was against the Railway Rules. The applicants pulled the train and brought it to a halt.

Finally, the police was called and the applicants were made to obey the rules of the Railways. The train which arrived at 1-28 a.m. could leave the station only at 1-55 a.m., after the commotion.

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