Prove majority or quit, CM told

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM NOV. 13. The BJP spokesman, M.S. Kumar, has said that the Antony Government should either prove its majority or quit and hold elections.

Mr. Kumar told presspersons here today that if the Opposition had majority, it should prove that and end the crisis. Instead of doing this, both sides were now playing dirty politics, he said.

Mr. Kumar said that horse-trading, which was unknown in Kerala, was taking place. Crores of rupees were being offered to defecting members of the Assembly, he alleged.

Constitutional office of the Governor was being misused with leaders meeting the Governor frequently to state their views and increase their bargaining power. Kerala had never witnessed such politics before, he said.

He said the crisis was affecting the State's progress. This was time for holding important discussions on Annual Plan for next year and approach the Finance Commission with plans and proposals. However, the Government was paralysed, he said.