Police block JSS march

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM Dec. 4. The `Nava Kerala Yatra' organised by the JSS, a constituent of the ruling UDF, was obstructed by police at the Ayurveda College Junction in the city this evening.

The march flagged off by K.R.Gouri, JSS leader and the Minister for Agriculture, at Kasaragod on November 18, had just entered its last phase after covering the other 13 districts.

Led by three MLAs of the party, A.N. Rajan Babu, K.K. Shaju and Umesh Challiyil, the march was meant to be a propaganda vehicle for the UDF, with emphasis being laid on glorifying the police policy of the Government.

Ironically, three of the vehicles that formed part of the march were blocked by the police on the MG Road and threatened to be removed to the Cantonment Station after arresting the drivers. What ensued was a scuffle between the MLAs and the police personnel. The MLAS also had to seek the intervention of the Chief Minister to get the vehicles released.

They alleged that certain forces bent on maligning the reputation of the Government were at work within the police force.

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