Poets' corner comes alive

For the past four years, they have been meeting regularly at this corner in the Changampuzha Park, every second Sunday. They read out their poems, discussed them and seniors among them corrected the youngsters.

When the Changampuzha Cultural Centre thought of organising daylong celebrations to mark the fourth anniversary of Kavyamoola (The corner for poetry), it was a sort of recollection of the efforts put in during this period.

"The poetry of members has improved a lot during this period. Among the 25 poets who presented poems on Tuesday, a majority had followed metre and rhyme," said Kalamandalam Kesavan, Kathakali artiste and poet, who is also the convener of the Kavyamoola.

The celebrations began with a discussion on `poetry and poetry appreciation: yesterday and today' with poets N.K. Desom and Kesavan leading it. In the afternoon, a couple of poems were presented.

This was followed by a lecture by poet and teacher Vishnunarayanan Namboodiri. A collection of stories for children, written by Kalamandalam Kesavan, was released at the function.

This was followed by the presentation of poems by the regulars at the Kavyamoola. Later, N.K. Desom critically analysed these poems.

While pointing out the mistakes made by budding poets, he asked them not to be discouraged.

As Kesavan pointed out, this interaction with senior poets was meant to impart a poetry culture among youngsters.

"Some of them did not even know to spell correctly," he said.

Going by the response to the session, Kavyamoola is here to stay.