`None authorised to speak for RSP(B)'

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM Dec. 7. The RSP(B) State secretary, A.V. Thamarakshan, today said that his party neither wished to be consulted on any possible leadership change in the Congress nor had authorised anyone to speak on its behalf to the Congress high command.

Mr. Thamarakshan told a news conference here that the question of leadership change was an internal matter of the Congress and it was not for the UDF constituents to comment on it. What the Muslim League leader, E. Ahmed, had told the Congress leadership during his meeting with them the other day in New Delhi was not the view of the RSP(B), he added.

The RSP(B) leader said his party was disappointed with the performance of the UDF Government. "We are disappointed by the style of functioning of the Government. The people did not elect us to govern like this. We are of the view that the Congress leadership has the duty to settle disputes rather than let matters drift," Mr. Thamarakshan said in reply to questions.

Mr. Thamarakshan said theft and arson were on the increase in different parts of the State and the people were caught in a debt trap. Several factories had been closed down and there was a serious crisis in the farm sector. These were issues that deserved to be discussed in the forum of the UDF. But this had not been possible so far because it has been several months since the UDF liaison committee last met, he said.

He conceded that there was much truth in the LDF's criticism about the performance of the UDF Government, but did not think that the LDF was a better option. He did not, however, find anything wrong in the LDF bid to bring down the Government. The Opposition would do so whenever fissures developed in the ruling arrangement, the RSP(B) leader pointed out.

He said the outcome of the Thiruvalla byelection was a pointer to the need for greater caution among UDF allies. The fact that the UDF's margin of victory had fallen from nearly 10,000 to 4,669 was a hint that the people were not happy with its performance.

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