New varsity union sworn in

TO WORK for the interests of all the students of the University of Kerala, to work within the framework of the rules and regulations governing the University. Reading aloud these promises in the form of an oath, P. S. Harikumar and Biju Abraham took office as the chairman and the general secretary of the Kerala University Union for the next one year.

This year, while the chairman is a student of History, the general secretary is a student of Malayalam, both doing their Post-graduate courses.

The vice-chairmen and the joint secretaries also took the oath at the ceremony held at the Senate Hall.

The incoming Union got plenty of advice from those designated to `felicitate' them.

The Vice-Chancellor, B. Ekbal, speaking first, dwelt on the `obstacles' in the way of the University Union in the smooth conduct of its activities. The VC however did not choose to mention what many see as the greatest obstacle in the path of successive unions - acute paucity of funds and the failure on the part of the University to disburse whatever funds there are, in a time-bound manner. There were those who advised the new union to `learn from the past'. According to Harikumar and Biju, their first priority would be to hold consultative meetings with `all those concerned' to seek advice and guidance on how to run the Union for the coming year and to get an idea of what is expected out of the Union. Advice would also be sought on organising `programmes with a difference' so that the activities of the Union have a real impact on campus life, they said.

The new Union has taken office at a time when the PG courses in the University have already become semester-based and when the regulations for making the degree courses also semester-based, have been accepted by the University.

Relief for teachers

THE UNIVERSITY of Kerala has brought immense relief to the teachers categorised as `part- time'.

The part- time teachers of the university departments and of the colleges affiliated to the university, discharge all the duties and responsibilities of their regular counterparts. They also possess the same qualifications as the ones on the regular rolls.

However, it was an uncertain future that they had been facing all these years.

There was no guarantee on their ever becoming regular full- time teachers of the university.

Nor was there any rule by which their service as part- time teachers would be counted, if at all if they were to be made regular employees.

Now, a decision of the academic council of the university has certainly brought them cheer.

The service period in the part- time capacity would be taken into consideration for appointment on a regular basis, the academic council has resolved.

One year service as a part- time teacher would be treated as six months' service on a full- time basis.

This, however, will be subject to the condition that their appointment as part- time teachers was strictly in accordance with the rules and regulations of the university.

By G. Mahadevan

and J. Ajith Kumar

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