Net chokes with speculations on Indo-Pak war

KOLLAM May 29. Will there be a war between India and Pakistan in the immediate future? It appears that more thanthe Pakistan President, Gen. Pervez Musharraf, and the Prime Minister, A.B. Vajpayee, the internet is in a position to provide the answer.

Some of them purely speculative and many of them overestimated, the net is flooded with more than 1,29,000 openings on that question. A mixture of weird, imaginative, concerned and even factual aspects, the web brings in bytes of fear when each of the ad hoc site is clicked open.

There are pro Pakistan sites, pro India sites, neutral sites that discourage war, and comparison sites which weigh the defence, diplomatic and nuclear options before the two countries in the event of a war.

Even the history of partition is traced at various analytical levels to promote drawing of conclusions in an interested manner on who is right or wrong for bringing things to the level of an impending war. There are some sites which have taken care to make the one who browses pass through the past three wars waged between India and Pakistan.

Web sites on the subject seemed to be fed in by the hour and already there are interpretations on the interpretations over the "danger of war is not over yet'' description of the situation by Gen. Musharrraf and the description of the General's speech as "disappointing and dangerous'' by the External Affairs Minister, Jaswant Singh. Similar interpretations on the British Foreign Secretary, Jack Straw's press conference in Islamabad yesterday is already there on the net.

Some sites describe the "war of words'' between the two countries already at full scale as a desperate attempt for external intervention with the ultimate aim of withdrawing forces since both are aware of the "devastating damages'' a war can inflict on either side.

The Ghauri, Ghaznavi and Abdali missile tests by Pakistan are on sites under different points of view with some describing it as "highly provocative and the cause of escalating the situation'' while others call it "a shock which can make India think several times''.

It appears that one of the prime reasons for such a crowd of sites on the subject is the concern from the international community whether one or both the countries would resort to nuclear weapons since both the countries are capable for that.

However, the sites themselves provide the solace on this fear by quoting defence analysts who "rule out the possibility of both countries resorting to a nuclear solution while it is still too early to give that kind of a ruling on a conventional war breaking out''.

The paradox about the sites on the subject in the net is that if it is an issue about another Indo-Pak war it has already been declared on the net and if it is about peace that too has already been initiated there.

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