Neelalohithadasan files affidavit in Netto case

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM, DEC. 6. Former Transport Minister and Janata Dal leader Neelalohithadasan Nadar today filed an affidavit in the magistrate court trying the Nalini Netto molestation case stating that a document carrying Ms. Netto's signature and submitted by him as evidence before the court is a genuine one.

The document in question is the photostat copy of a reply allegedly sent by Ms. Netto to the former Transport Minister for answering a submission moved in the Legislative Assembly on December 27, 1999. At the time, Ms. Netto was the Transport Secretary.

Prosecution's plea

The prosecution had argued that the signature of Ms. Netto in the document produced by Mr. Nadar was a forged one and that the pages were "irregularly" numbered. The prosecution also demanded that a case be registered against Mr. Nadar for presenting a fake document as a genuine one in the court under Section 340 of the Criminal Procedure Code (Cr.PC).

Mr. Nadar's counsel argued that the document placed before the court was one obtained by his client while he was the Minister for Transport in the previous Left Democratic Front (LDF) Government.

The counsel also asked the court whether video conferencing facility could be used to examine one Sheik Muhammad who is currently in Oman. The court said the permission of the High Court was required in the matter. Mr. Muhammad was a member of the personal staff of Mr. Nadar when he was Transport Minister.

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