MVSS plea on reservation

KANNUR, MARCH 24. The Mannan-Vannan Samudaya Sangham (MVSS) has urged the Government to rectify cases of mistaken entry of `Peruvannan' as caste name in school certificates of large number of students belonging to the Vannan community.

The MVSS district president, Kunhiraman Makreri, and the secretary, E. Vijayan, told a press conference here today that `Peruvannan' was a title bestowed on veteran Theyyam artiste from the Vannan community belonging to the Scheduled Caste.

Mistaken entry

Mistaken entry of the caste name of a Vannan student as Peruvannan would mean that he or she would be deprived of the Scheduled Caste reservation benefits, they said.

They said that the sangham also raised various demands including reservation in private sector, exemption of Scheduled Caste converts from reservation benefits, measures to stop re-conversion of the SC converts and pension for Theyyam artistes above 55 years, among other things.

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