Movie ticket rates go up

For the third time within a year, the movie halls in Kozhikode city have raised their ticket fares on grounds of increasing expenditure. A meeting of the Kozhikode Corporation council on Wednesday approved the applications from cinemas such as Coronation, Apsara, Radha, and Vijith to increase fares.

Coronation Theatre on Pavamani Road had undergone a renovation recently. The proprietors claim that the installation of air conditioner increased expenses and hence the fares need to be raised. The balcony fare has been raised from Rs.60 to Rs.110, and the first class fare from Rs.50 to Rs.90.

However, the other cinemas have demanded an increase in fares without upgrading infrastructure. Radha Theatre in S.M. Street too has raised the balcony fares from Rs.100 to Rs.110. The first class fare is up from Rs.80 to Rs.90. Vijith Theatre in Beypore hiked ticket charge from Rs.30 to Rs.40.

Apsara Theatre, near the railway station, has raised the fare only for the ramp upper circle because “the chair in that circle, which cost Rs.7,500 each, needs constant repair which is quite expensive.” Accordingly, on normal days, the fare for the upper circle will be Rs.130 in place of Rs.100, and on Sundays it will be Rs.150 instead of Rs.130. As for the lower and upper circles, the fares on normal days remain Rs.75 and Rs.80 respectively. On Sundays, the fares will be Rs.85 and Rs.90 respectively.

It was in October 2013 that most of the cinemas in the raised their fares citing the same reasons. The Corporation apparently has no power to control the fares, but can only demand due tax from the cinema owners. The Corporation council passed the increase in fares without much discussion.

Civic body approves applications from four cinemas

Fares last increased in October 2013

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