Mayor urges public to cooperate with Corporation's efforts

Special Correspondent

Says people opposed to dumping of waste at Njeliyanparamba precipitated the problem

Construction of new trenching yard nearing completionSafe drinking water being supplied to residents of Njeliyanparamba: MayorSteps taken to prevent seepage of water

KOZHIKODE: Mayor M.Bhaskaran on Wednesday called upon people living in the vicinity of the Corporation's Njeliyanparambu waste disposal yard to cooperate with the Corporation's efforts to find a lasting solution to the city's garbage disposal problems.

The Mayor said the Corporation was using all its resources to find a quick and lasting solution to the garbage problem.

The Mayor was also quick to point out that the present problems were precipitated by the group that had been preventing dumping of waste at the trenching ground at Njeliyanparamba.

He remarked that the protestors had thrown to the winds the decisions taken at meetings called by the District Collector to settle the dispute over garbage disposal.

He also was of the view that the agitators had not taken into consideration the efforts the Corporation had taken to solve the problem.

"Their protests would only aggravate the problems and block the Corporation's efforts to find a lasting solution to this issue", the Mayor remarked.

The Mayor said the construction of a new trenching yard was nearing completion.

Mr. Bhaskaran said the major portion of the work was expected to be completed within a month.

Explaining the measures taken so far to control the garbage problem since its removal began to be blocked by residents in the neighbourhood of Njeliyanparamba, the Mayor said large quantities of garbage were removed on Sunday and Monday.

Safe drinking water was being supplied to residents in Njeliyanparamba, as they had complained that drinking water sources had got contaminated by waste dumped by Corporation at the trenching ground.

Steps had already been taken to prevent seepage of water and to cover the waste with plastic sheets at Njeliyanparamba, the Mayor said..

The Corporation Council had also held an emergency meeting to discuss this issue, the Mayor pointed out while appealing for support to the Corporation to settle the dispute at Njeliyamparamba.

The Kozhikode Corporation is earnest and sincere in solving this problem, the Mayor claimed.