`Maramadi' winners

KAAKKOOR (ERNAKULAM DISTRICT), FEB. 26. For the eighth year consecutively, the bulls of Thomas Geevarghese of Odanavattam (near Kottarakkara) have won the top honours at the Maramadi (bull race) held as part of the Kaakkoor Kaalavayal festival in Thirumaradi panchayat.

Mr. Geeverghese's bulls won the first prize in all the three categories. He had reaped the three medals in most of the eight Maramadi competitions held in the past nine years too (after Maramadi was reintroduced in the Kaalavayal festival). In the Idathu Kayar category, Mr. Geevarghese's bull finished first in 9.4 seconds; in the `speed' category in 8 seconds: and in the `champion' category, in 8.02 seconds.

The second prize in Idathu Kayar went to the bulls owned by Geomon George of Aluvila (9.62 seconds); third to the bulls of Byju Odanavattam. In the speed category, the B team of Thomas Geeverghese won the second prize (8.06) while the third went to the bulls of Thanakachan of Kottarakkara (8.74 sec.). In the champion category there was only one prize on offer.

The Water Resources Minister, T.M. Jacob, presented the prizes to the winners.