Marad resettlement a sham: Pinarayi

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM June 26. The CPI(M) State secretary, Pinarayi Vijayan, has accused the Antony Government of having committed a major crime by throwing women and children in the midst of RSS elements at Marad in the name of rehabilitation of victims of the May 2 violence.

In a statement here today, Mr. Vijayan pointed out that the police could do nothing when two children and nine women were held captive by RSS elements. What had happened at Marad was a continuation of the farce being staged by the Government in collusion with the RSS, he said.

The Government, he alleged, was not interested in bringing back those who had escaped from Marad fearing for their life. What the Government had done from the beginning was to allow the RSS to have things its way and the RSS had declared that it would not allow anyone whom it did not like would be allowed to return to Marad. That was how rehabilitation got so delayed and the Government was forced to stage a farce.

Mr. Vijayan said every action of the Government was turning out to be fodder for the RSS scheme to use the mass killing at Marad as fuel for furthering the communal divide. It was not secularism, but dirty communal biases that the Government's actions reflected. Every individual had the right to live without fear in their homes. The denial of this right of a few at Marad was a violation of their fundamental rights.The Government should not be privy to such things. It should be firm in starting the rehabilitation efforts.

The CPI(M) State secretary asked the Government to take stern action against those who had committed the mass killing at Marad and said this should be accompanied by steps to thwart the attempts of communal forces to hunt down a particular community. The steps at Marad should be founded on secularism, Mr. Vijayan said.

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