‘Strengthen Jagratha Samithis’

Staff Reporter

Thrissur: The chairperson of Kerala Women’s Commission, D. Sreedevi, has called for strengthening Jagratha Samithis to achieve gender equality in the State. She was addressing a workshop on ‘A draft of the State’s women’s policy’ at the Kerala Institute of Local Administration (KILA). The State government had released a draft on March 11, and proposed to form a gender board to coordinate women’s welfare activities in various departments. The board would replace the gender Advisory Committee and look into allocation and use of funds for women’s welfare.

While pointing out some omissions in the draft women’s policy, Lida Jacob, advisor to the government’s Gender Awareness Programme, said, “I hope the new policy will promote gender equality and contribute to women’s empowerment by addressing the gender issues. There has been no proper assessment of women’s economic contribution by way of domestic work.

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