‘For the Students,’ by the students

Room No. 227, Men’s Hostel, Government Model Engineering College, Kochi, India. If you thought that this was just another room in a college hostel, you are in for a surprise.

This is the office, registered with the Registrar of Newspapers, of the magazine For the Students brought out by the college.

Since November 2, 2007 when the magazine was launched, it has exceeded the expectations of its makers.

If Mithun.V. Sankar, a final-year computer-engineering student, and also the managing editor, is to be believed, about hundred colleges have subscribed to the magazine for one year.

“We sent the magazine to IIM-Indore on Monday,” he said. The libraries of all these colleges would have the magazine.

The magazine, priced at Rs.20, has articles contributed by students from within the college and other educational institutions.

The college authorities were more than supportive and allotted space in the college server for hosting the website of the magazine, >

The magazine exhorts the students, the primary targeted readers, to “learn more and earn more.” Asked why they opted for a magazine, those behind it say that it was the drive to do something for the people of their generation.

Among the magazine’s stated objectives are — to help students choose careers befitting them, provide a close look at technology related matters, give insight into higher education options, help them prepare for entrance tests and last, but not the least, to give information on the latest trends prevailing on the campuses.

The initial idea was to launch a business magazine. The plan was changed after consultations with the students and faculty members of the college.

Apart from colleges and schools, the magazine regularly hits the stands, though only in selected areas. The magazine is printed at Kochi-based Pai&Co, which also distributes it in Kottayam.

The entire cost for the first issue came from advertisements. “We approached prospective advertisers with a rough copy of the magazine. They immediately took a liking to it and agreed to advertise in it,” Mithun said.

There was some amount of shock when engineering students took up such an initiative.

But the team behind the magazine, comprising Anurag Peter, editor; Sanal P.S., associate editor; Anish Thomas, Ambily Raju, Mahesha, and Kelvin, sub-editors; Arvind R. Menon and Haroon Firosha handling the marketing wing; Eujin, Nirmal and Arun, entrusted with design and layout; were a confident lot.

With most of them set to leave the college on finishing their courses, they are planning to organise a function to formally hand over the reins of their beloved product to the next in line, their juniors.

M.P. Praveen