Lok Ayukta comes to BHMS students' rescue

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM Oct. 28. The Lok Ayukta has intervened on behalf of 10 Degree students of the Government Homoeopathic Medical College here whose results were withheld due to the reason that they did not have sufficient attendance.

The Lok Ayukta, P. C. Balakrishna Menon, directed the college principal to publish their results and allow them to continue with their studies in the college.

The students had completed the first year BHMS course of the Kerala University and had also appeared for the examination held in May 2003. However, their results were withheld on the ground that they did not have 80 per cent attendance.

The counsel for the university submitted that the students had been wrongly allowed to sit for the first year examination though they did not have sufficient attendance. The university was now rectifying this mistake by not publishing the result.

Dismissing the university's contention, the Lok Ayukta noted that even assuming that there was shortage of attendance, the university had the power to condone it provided the Syndicate was satisfied that the students could not keep 75 per cent of attendance for reasons beyond their control.

The students had applied for condonation and the principal had made a recommendation on their behalf, but the applications had not been disposed of. The order also noted that similarly placed students of Ayurveda had been promoted to the second year course and the principal had admitted this fact before the court. It would be discriminatory on the part of the university to deny the same facility to the BHMS students.

As the university had admitted the petitioners to the BHMS course on the basis of the results in the entrance examination and after allotment by the Commissioner of Entrance Examinations, it was its duty to publish the results of the first year examination, the order further said.

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