League initiative against communalism

KOCHI MARCH 29 . Reviving its anti-communalism and anti-terrorism campaign, the Indian Union Muslim League (IUML) is, through its youth wing the Muslim Youth League, launching a new initiative.

This is part of the Youth League's State conference to be held here from May 9 to May 12.

`Religion is not conflict, but peace' is the lead theme of the initiative.

Announcing this at a press conference here on Friday, the Industries Minister and senior IUML leader, P.K. Kunhalikkutty, said that keeping Kerala free of communal conflicts was the main objective of the initiative.

He said the initiative would mobilise young people of all communities, particularly Muslim, against terrorism, fascism and communal hatred.

It would include organisations of other religious and youth agencies.

Prior to the conference, a vehicle march from the State's one end to the other would be taken out to highlight the need to fight terrorism and promote peace.

Mr. Kunhalikkutty claimed that the `sobering presence' of the IUML had a major role in keeping Kerala violence-free.

He noted that even during the immediate post-Babri Masjid demolition period, the State had remained calm, Mr. Kunhalikutty said.

This was because his party had taken a strong stand against communal outbursts

The Public Works Minister, M.K. Muneer, said that as part of the Youth League conference, several seminars, to be participated in by leading intellectuals, would be held.

The seminar on `Decommunalisation of education' would see speakers like Jaipal Reddy, K.N. Panikker, U.R. Ananthamurthy, Hamid Anzari and M.G.S. Narayanan.

N. Ram, Romila Thapar and Tarun Tejpal would be among the speakers at the media seminar.

Yusuf Kharlavi, Kuldip Nayyar, Azghar Ali Engineer, P.Govinda Pillai, Sukumar Azhikode, Raj Babbar, Mahesh Bhat, M.T. Vasudevan Nair and a string of other intellectuals would attend the seminar.

The former Prime Minister, K. Chandrasekhar, will open the seminar on minority politics, during the meeting.

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