KWA cracks down on illegal water diversion

Staff Reporter

KOCHI: The Kerala Water Authority (KWA) has disconnected about 12 connections in Chellanam area under the Assistant Executive Engineer's Office, Karuvelippady, for illegally drawing water from the pipelines.

The KWA had warned the public a few weeks ago against the practice of using motors and hand pumps to draw water from the pipelines. Instances of illegal exploitation of water from the pumping lines were unearthed during door-to-door surveys and inspections conducted by the KWA.

The rampant use of hand pumps and electric motors to draw water from the pipelines was a major problem affecting the distribution of potable water in many areas of West Kochi, usually hit by acute water shortage, according to Sunilkumar, Assistant Executive Engineer, Karuvelippady.

The consumers would get back their connections once they remove the implements and pay a penalty amount. They would also have to give a confession letter also to the KWA.

Though the KWA officials agree that commercial consumers such hotels and ice factories are major law-breakers, only domestic consumers were found to be the offenders this time.

Drawing out water using motors and hand pumps causes damage to the pipeline, it is pointed out.

An equal volume of air gets trapped in the pipes while water is being drawn out. If the motor is used when there is no pumping in the line, a vacuum would be created inside the pipes into which polluted water from the surrounding area would seep in. In water-bound areas such as Chellanam in West Kochi, this was enough to cause polluted groundwater entering the line.

Even as officials were pointing out that it was almost impossible to wipe out this menace completely, the KWA was planning to take stringent action against such offenders in future.

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