Kollam boy stakes claim for Guinness entry

S. Sreenath (blindfolded) recalls the random objects in his attempt to enter the Guinness Book of World Records, in Kollam on Monday.  

Ignatius Pereira

KOLLAM: Eighteen-year-old Ayurveda medico S. Sreenath may soon find his name in the Guinness Book of World Records. At the Kollam Press Club hall on Monday morning, he set a new world record for "the greatest number of random objects memorized." The record was set as per the 10 guidelines provided by the Guinness World Records (GWR).

According to a communication from Amanda Sprague of the GWR's Records Research Service received by Sreenath on October 10, 2005, the record for recalling random objects is held by two persons who recalled 100 objects. They are Jed Harris from the U.S. and Kasp Rao from India.

Sreenath broke the record by recalling 125 random objects. As per the guidelines, the challenger has to be blindfolded and seated with his back to a dais where the objects recalled are displayed. He was blindfolded by the Rajya Sabha Member N.K. Premachandran. There were three formal witnesses — Kollam Mayor N. Padmalochanan; the former Pro-Vice-Chancellor of CUSAT and former Acting Chairman of Kerala State Human Rights Commission S. Balaraman and the surgeon S.R. Rajagopal.

The list of 125 objects to be read out was jumbled in three sets and the set was selected by a draw of lots. The GWR guideline was that objects that normally occur together such as "lock and key" should not be linked in the list. Objects having identical pronunciation should not be consecutively placed and the list should not be in alphabetical order.

The list was read out to Sreenath once and the objects were displayed to the audience, organisers and witnesses. After preparation of 30 seconds, Sreenath began recalling the objects in the order read out to him. As he finished, it was pointed out that he had made a mistake by missing the 26th object in the list. But as per the GWR rules, the challenger can take a second attempt and it was in this attempt that he triumphed in setting the new record.

The entire process was recorded on three video cameras as stipulated by the GWR. The recording would be sent to the GWR for final approval to be entered into the Guinness Book of World Records. The event was organised by the Kollam Press Club and Round Table Number 85.