Kalam's prescription for doctors

KOCHI SEPT. 26. The President, A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, had an advice to doctors. "Please try to educate the public that HIV is not a contagious disease."

This mild dose of prescription came just before he started his convocation address at the National Board of Examinations at the Fine Arts Hall in Kochi on Friday afternoon. The President recalled that immediately after lunch at a five star hotel here, he was accosted by a concerned grandparent with two children -- Benson and Bensy -- who were affected with HIV, saying that the hapless souls were ostracised in society and no school was willing to admit them. "This is cruel to the children; one should show compassion to children'', Mr. Kalam said. He wanted the health educators and doctors to spread the awareness that HIV is not contagious.

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