Jesudas renders a healing touch

THRISSUR MARCH 30. The presence of the legendary singer Padmasree, K. J. Jesudas, enlivened the meeting of the patients who have recovered from cancer.

Even though Mr. Jesudas arrived at the meeting only for inaugurating the concluding session on Saturday bafternoon, the expectations of his arrival were enough to brighten up the mood of the people who attended it throughout the day.

The programme was inaugurated by the musician, singer and poet, Kaithapram Namboodiri. He appealed to the patients who had recovered because of God's grace to use the remaining part of their lives for the well-being of others.

Mr. Jesudas inaugurated the concluding session by singing "Jathi Bhetham Mathadwesham... " which he had sung on November 14, 1961 at the Madras recording Studio. He said "all of us should take it as a mission to help others.''

Recalling that his own mother had been affected with the disease and had a tough time bringing up her children, Mr. Jesudas said those who had recovered should become the beacon of hope for those who had contracted the disease.

About 1,500 persons from various parts of the State attended the meeting. Swamy Sakrananda, Father Gabriel, Jayaraj Warrier, Nandini Menon, T. V. Chandramohan, MLA, Father Walter Thelappilli and Renuka spoke.

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