Jacob insists on PAP accord revision

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM NOV. 10. The Water Resources Minister, T. M. Jacob, has insisted on revision of the Parambikulam Aliyar Project (PAP) agreement at the bilateral talks held in Chennai, an official release said here on Monday.

Mr. Jacob noted that the agreement was due for revision in 1988. Owing to breach of provisions of the existing agreement by Tamil Nadu, Kerala had suffered heavy losses. For example, as Tamil Nadu had not kept the water level in Kerala Sholayar reservoir at the stipulated level for the past 32 years, the State had lost crores of rupees in power generation. As there is no provision in the old agreement for compensation for breach of agreement, a new provision on compensation should be added.

The water from the Neerar weir, he said, should be diverted to Kerala from August 1 to January 31. For this, all sluices of the Upper Neerar and the Lower Neerar should be kept open during the period. Water in excess of 2.5 thousand million cubic feet (tmc) from the Lower Neerar should be released to Kerala. The water becoming available in the Sholayar sub-basin should be shared in the ratio of 12.3 is to 2.5, he said.

The excess water from the Sholayar sub-basin is now being availed of by Tamil Nadu. At the same time, it denied water to Kerala from the Parambikulam sub-basin, citing shortages. The average availability of water in the Parambikulam sub-basin was 10.135 tmc. This should be divided in the ratio of 14 is to 2.5. He said that the total availability of the water in the Lower Neerar, Parambikulam, Peruvarippallam and Thunakkadavu dams should be taken together and 16.5 tmc water should be allocated to Tamil Nadu. Of the balance, 2.5 tmc should be released for irrigation in the Chittoor area and the balance should be allowed to flow into the Chalakkudi river.

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