Integrated tourism project planned at Kanjirakolli

Beckoning tourists: The Elappara waterfall at Kanjirakolli near Kannur  

Kanjirakolli, a village on the foothills of the Western Ghats bordering the Kodagu range of evergreen forests in Karnataka, is set to be developed as a major highland tourism destination.

The village, set against the backdrop of rolling hills and valleys and endowed with breathtaking beauty, is already a major eco-tourism destination and is patronised by adventure tourists and trekkers.

Mist-covered hills and perennial waterfalls and streams pull nature-lovers to Kanjirakolli, located nearly 70 km from Kannur.

A new initiative to further explore the possibilities of developing this location is now under way under the initiative of Rural Development Minister K.C. Joseph. The village is in the Irikkur constituency, which Mr. Joseph represents.

Kumbalangi's tag

The idea is to develop Kanjirakolli as a model highland tourism village on the lines of Kumbalangi, which is now a model coastal tourism village.

Consultant Murali Menon, actively involved in the Kumbalangi project, and architect T.V. Madhukumar have been asked to submit a report on the proposal.

They have finalised the report that covers the tourism potential of the village and the livelihood of the people there.

“The report is not just about tourism development, though tourism is a component of the project,” Mr. Menon told The Hindu over the phone. The project, titled Integrated Rural and Aesthetic Development Project for Kanjirakolli, encompassed sustainable development, livelihood activities, and tourism development. He said the report would be submitted to the Minister soon. If the government accepted it, a master plan would be prepared.

Sasipara stands tall

Among the major tourist attractions at Kanjirakolli is the 4,000-foot-high Sasipara. If a hill track is constructed from Sasipara, the distance between Kanjirakolli and Paithalmala, another tourism destination, will be reduced by 35 km. The report highlights the importance of this hill track, according to Mr. Menon.

M.V. Kunhiraman, Tourism Deputy Director, who is holding additional charge as secretary of the District Tourism Promotion Council (DTPC), said that Kanjirakolli was also an ideal place for monsoon tourism.

Other major tourist locations in the village are Kanmadapara, a hill ideal for trekking, and the Elappara waterfalls, a feast for the eyes during monsoon.