`Indian filmdom male-dominated'

Fowzia Fatima, cinematographer, inaugurates a seminar on `Women in Indian cinema' in Thrissur on Friday.  

THRISSUR, MARCH 11. The Indian film industry is male-dominated, cinematographer Fowzia Fatima has said.

Inaugurating a seminar on `Women in Indian cinema', organised by the St. Aloysius College and the Chetana Media Institute here on Friday, Ms. Fatima said there were only very few women technicians in the Indian film industry.

Participating in a discussion on his latest film, `Achuvinte Amma', director Sathyan Anthikkad said that Malayalam cinema rarely had women-oriented themes. "Malayalam films had generally relegated heroines to the role of glamour dolls. I do not claim to have made great films, but I can confidently say that my films have never been an insult to womanhood,'' he said.

Rosy Thampy, activist, said that `Achuvinte Amma' was disappointing. "It has been called a film told from a woman's point of view, but I feel that it serves to only reinforce some of our traditional concepts about women and their roles.''

Mr. Anthikkad said that it was unfair to dismiss a film and its positive aspects just because it was a mainstream production. "I agree that I have used certain mainstream elements to take the film to the masses. Without this, the film would have been dull and `messagey'. Ms. Rosy has every right to believe that my film is bad. But do not doubt my sincerity,'' he said.

Cuckoo Parameswaran, actress, Jyothy Narayanan, film society activist, and Fr. Benny Benedict of the Chetana Media Institute spoke.