Grace mark for A Plus grade winners

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Linux to be implemented in a phased manner

Panel approves mode of examination for IT practicalsGrading to be implemented in class X of technical schools in 2005-'06Panel decides to implement revised syllabus of TTIs

KOCHI: All students who win grades up to A+ in the art, sports, science and work experience festivals and National Cadet Corps will get grace marks for the SSLC Examination to be held in March, 2006.

The decision was taken at a meeting of the State School Curriculum Steering Committee that met at Sikshak Sadan on Sunday, presided over by Education Minister E.T. Mohammed Basheer.

Until now, only the students who had won `A' grade were given grace marks. These students will also be given a special sheet giving the details regarding their performances along with the SSLC certificates.

The committee decided to implement the free software Linux in 8th, 9th and 10th standards on a stage-by-stage basis.

The committee also approved the content of the software and mode of examination for the IT practical examinations for 8th, 9th and 10th standards for the examinations to be held in March, 2006. The IT textbooks and syllabus of high school classes will be revised on the basis of a study to be held soon.

Grading will be implemented in the 10th standards of technical schools during the academic year of 2005-06. `JAWS,' a special software, will be used for students with visual problems. Special question paper will be prepared for students of Special schools for the SSLC examination of March, 2006.

The name of the pre-primary teachers training course will be changed into Nursery School Teacher Education Course, according to the manual of NCTE.

The committee also decided the to implement new revised syllabus of the TTIs now being adopted by the TTIs of Kerala in the Anglo Indian TTI, Kannur also.

It was also decided to include `Special English' instead of `Learning of Mother Tongue,' in the new syllabus.

The meeting was attended by Director of Public Instruction A. Ajith Kumar, State Centre for Education Research and Training (SCERT) director E. Valsalakumar, Vocational Higher Secondary Director Sajith Vijayaraghavan, Kerala Books and Publishing Society managing director Tomin J. Thachankary, Public Examinations Secretary L. Rajan and Curriculum committee members.

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