`Gender bias at its peak'

KOZHIKODE DEC. 7. The former MLA, Meenakshi Thampan, has ridiculed the present situation when women have no recourse to get justice for the acts of sexual exploitation and other offences committed against them. Ms.Thampan warned that such a situation should not to be allowed to continue, and the conscience of the masses would be awakened against such a condition.

Ms. Thampan was speaking after inaugurating a seminar on `Kerala Women and growing challenges', at the conference of the Angana, forum of women students under the aegis of the All India Students Federation here today.

She expressed deep concern at the growing violence against women and how even the channels of investigation to inquire into these offences were being closed down step by step

The definition of the term `rape' was being given new interpretations.

As for domestic violence, the proposed bill has a clause that defines that violence by husband encompassed only `habitual beating' and not isolated cruelty against the wife.

"The police, which the Chief Minister claims are impartial, have failed miserably in bringing to a logical conclusion the sex racket cases. Reportedly, the Thopumpady sex racket case for instance has been closed, she pointed out. This is ridiculous, when so many persons in high positions were allegedly involved in the case.The writer, K.P. Ramanunni, Karippuzha Sreekumar and K. Jisha, among others, addressed the gathering.

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