Fracas at MCH panel meeting

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM, FEB. 26. Heated arguments over some new appointments and alleged irregularities in the construction of the new ICU at the Medical College Hospital resulted in fracas at a meeting of the Hospital Development Committee (HDC) here on Thursday.

The members of the Committee alleged that the permission of the committee had not been sought for certain new appointments made at the hospital. It was also alleged that the new ICU was built using the funds of the Committee, when Government funds could have been utilised. Though the Superintendent, N. Visawanathan, tried to give explanations, he was shouted down. Heated arguments were also exchanged over the controversy surrounding the medical care given to the late Governor, Sikander Bakht.

The meeting ended with the cancellation of the new appointments in question. It was also decided to form new sub-committees for purchase, finance, appointments and establishment.