Experts urge government to formulate an antibiotic policy

Resistance to drugs is a global threat

: The 28th South Zone conference of the Indian Academy of Paediatrics and the 43rd meet of its Kerala chapter, held here recently, urged the government to formulate an antibiotic policy.

The events observed that antibiotic resistance was a global threat and increasingly making treatment of infectious diseases difficult. According to the IAP, doctors should strictly follow treatment protocols formulated for various diseases.

The IAP urged the Union government to enforce prescription-only sale of medicine.

The events discussed the new vaccination schedule formulated by the IAP. The agency hailed the government’s decision to introduce Rotavirus vaccine in the country.

It could drastically reduce infant mortality, observed the IAP.

Rotavirus is the primary cause of moderate to severe diarrhoea, morbidity and mortality for children less than five years of age.

Paediatricians T.M. Ananda Kesavan, J.P. Padma and A.R. Rajeev presented findings of a study conducted by them at the Thrissur Government Medical College to assess awareness about assistance given by government agencies for long-term treatment of differently-abled children.

The study pointed out many paediatricians and almost 50 per cent of parents of differently-abled children did not know about the assistance.

Addressing the events, K. Radhakrishnan, chairman of the Indian Space Research Organisation, stressed the need for improving telemedicine facilities.

Telemedicine is the use of telecommunication and information technologies for providing clinical health care at a distance.

“About 75 per cent of Indians live in villages. But 75 per cent of our doctors practice in urban areas and 23 per cent in semi-urban areas. Telemedicine technology provides connectivity between remote/rural hospitals and super- specialty hospitals,” he said. About 800 paediatricians from different States attended the events.

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