Electrical wiremen plan agitation

KOZHIKODE, MARCH 11. The Electrical Wiremen and Supervisors Association of Kerala today said that they would launch an agitation in protest against the "pro-privatisation" attitude of a section of the Kerala State Electricity Board (KSEB) officials.

They alleged that a section of the KSEB officials were resorting to measures that would lead to privatisation of the electricity board. The association fears that the privatisation would have adverse effects on social and economic development.

The CITUC-led association alleged that the officials were misinterpreting rules and procedures to mobilise public opinion to privatise the KSEB.

This attitude has resulted in the board following different rules in its section offices in different places even though uniform rules, applicable throughout the State, have been laid down.

The association district secretary, V.M. Rajan, cited examples to substantiate the complaints. He said that though applications for power supply to residential buildings that had been approved by local bodies, officials in a number of KSEB section offices insisted that possession certificates, which are issued only after completion of the building, should be submitted along with applications for power supply connections.

Possession certificates

Some other officials insisted that possession certificates issued from village offices be produced along with the applications.