Decision on power-sharing likely today

LDF State Committee to discuss post-election scenario

C. Gouridasan Nair

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The Left Democratic Front (LDF) State Committee is meeting here on Friday to review the Opposition alliance's performance in the local body elections and to decide whether or not to share power with the Democratic Indira Congress (Karunakaran) in the newly-elected local bodies.

On its own

Although the LDF is not dependent on the DIC(K) for controlling a vast majority of the three-tier local bodies, it would have to decide whether or not to carry forward its local-level tactical adjustments with the DIC(K) to its logical conclusion of power-sharing and if so, on the basis of what general principles it should do this.

Opinions do differ on the extent to which the DIC(K) had contributed to the stupendous victory of the LDF.

There are those hardcore Leftists who feel that the LDF would have fared equally well if it had gone it alone in the local body polls.

There are also those who feel that the DIC(K)'s presence on the flanks of the Left contributed to the decimation of the United Democratic Front (UDF), particularly in areas of UDF dominance.


Under normal circumstances, power sharing with the DIC (K) would be only a corollary to the tie-up seen across the State. But, since none of the LDF constituents, barring the NCP, a minor partner, has opened its mind on the subject, there is some suspense on which way the scale would tilt.

The NCP has already stated that the LDF must share power with the DIC(K) (Karunakaran) wherever necessary.

Whether the LDF likes it or not, it would have to be ready to share power with the DIC(K) in the local bodies where the combined might of the two allies would be necessary to keep the UDF at bay.

The small problem with that is it would make power-sharing in other local bodies a fait accompli.

Secretariat meet

The CPI(M) State secretariat is meeting here shortly before the LDF State committee meeting and one of the agendas before it would in all probability be sharing of power with the DIC(K). The CPI(M) State committee is also meeting for a day on October 4 to review the poll results. The views of the CPI and the RSP might also matter with the LDF State panel, but it is likely that they would be able resist power sharing at least in local bodies where the adverse electoral arithmetic stares them in their face.

The newly-elected people's representatives would be sworn in on October 2 and election of the new local body functionaries held in the course of the coming week. The LDF has won a landslide victory at all levels and is poised to control over 70 per cent of the grama panchayats, two-thirds of the block panchayats, 34 out of 52 municipalities and all the five municipal corporations in the State.

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