Decaying waste poses a health hazard in Kasaragod

With the district administration and the local bodies yet to put in place a mechanism to manage waste, people have to bear the stench from garbage heaps dumped on the roadside and river banks, posing a health hazard.

Waste from hotels, restaurants and households is dumped in bushes along roads or into rivers mostly in the cover of darkness.

Passengers in thousands of vehicles taking the Kanhangad-Kasaragod National Highway stretch have to breathe the polluted air from decaying waste all along the 30-km route.

The Vidhyanagar police have arrested three persons for allegedly trying to take accumulated waste from a hotel on a mini-tanker lorry to dump it in public places at night.

The police said the three, in their 20s, were arrested at Cherkala. On inspecting the lorry, sacks of waste from a hotel at Nullipadi were found.

Complaints have been raised about large-scale dumping of solid waste into the Chandragiri river, posing a health hazard to those who use the river water.

The authorities seem to have failed in meeting the people’s long-standing aspiration of having a mechanism to treat garbage in a scientific manner.