CPI(M) trying to disrupt rule of law, says BJP

KANNUR SEPT 6. The BJP State general secretary, P. K. Krishnadas, has accused the CPI(M) leadership of deliberate attempt to disrupt rule of law and challenge the judicial system in the wake of the handing down of death sentence to five CPI(M) workers in the K.T. Jayakrishnan murder case.

Speaking at a press conference here today, Mr. Krishnadas said though the CPI(M) could still go for appeal in higher courts against the sentence by the Additional District and Sessions Court at Thalassery, it had chosen to instigate party leaders and cadres to threaten the judge, the prosecutor and the prosecution witnesses. Party leaders who had spoken at public functions organised in different parts of the State, including Panur here, had publicly made these threats, he added.

The fact that the senior party leaders, including E. K. Nayanar, V.S. Achuthanandan, Pinarayi Vijayan and Kodiyeri Balakrishnan had made statements reiterating these threats was an indication that the intimidation against the judiciary was a deliberate act with the full knowledge of the leadership. Terming the threats against the judiciary as highly disturbing, the BJP leader said that these threats were intended to convey a warning to the judiciary in the State that it had no business to question the party's right to kill its political enemies.

Likening what he called the CPI(M) `style' of targeting and killing political enemies and then threatening the judiciary to the practice of terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir, Mr. Krishnadas said that the CPI(M) bid to disrupt rule of law would be detrimental to democracy. The BJP would wage legal and political battles against the CPI(M)'s attacks on the judiciary, he added.

He also demanded a CBI inquiry into the alleged police role to protect the accused in the K.T. Jayakrishnan murder case as remarked by the Additional District and Sessions judge in his judgment in the case. The judge's remarks were a charge-sheet against those at the helm of the previous LDF dispensation, including the then Chief Minister, E. K. Nayanar.

He also feared that the moves to instigate CPI(M) cadres in the wake of the death sentence would disturb the peace that existed in the otherwise politically volatile areas in the district.

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