CPI(M) for action against perpetrators of violence

KANNUR, MARCH 17. The Communist Party of India (Marxist) has urged the Government to bring to book all those involved in the murder of Ashwini Kumar and subsequent incidents of violence at Iritty and nearby areas. It has stated that the incidents are part of the gameplan of the National Development Front and the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) to strengthen themselves through communal mobilisation.

The CPI(M) district secretary, M. V. Govindan, while addressing a press conference here today, said that communal clashes should not be treated like ordinary criminal cases. The police should register these cases as individual cases and brought before law all those involved in the murder and subsequent arson and violence, he said. The Punnad-Iritty incidents had its origin in the pre-planned murder of the NDF worker, P. V. Muhammad, at Punnad on June 6 last year, he said.

`Case being diluted'

Accusing the police of taking an irresponsible attitude towards the case of the Muhammad murder, he said prominent RSS leaders who had been included as accused in the first information report (FIR) were later either removed from the list of the accused or exempted from charges of serious offence, he said. This created an impression among the public that the case was being diluted. The Government was pursuing a policy of appeasement of the RSS, he alleged.

The brutal murder of Ashwini Kumar, was a continuation of the earlier incident at Punnad, he said. Both the incidents were equally inhuman. While the RSS unleashed organised violence and attacks on properties of Muslims living in the area immediately after the murder, there were isolated cases of attacks by NDF workers, he said.

Though there had been a huge deployment of police headed by the District Superintendent of Police in the violence-hit areas such as Iritty, Punnad, Mattannur, Peravur, Koothuparamba, Thokkilangadi and Cheruvanchery, culprits behind the incidents of violence could not be checked. As many as 84 houses and 42 shops and several other institutions had been destroyed in the violence in the Thalassery taluk, he said. Standing crops had also been destroyed, he said.

Rs 4.77-crore loss

The Revenue Department officials estimated a loss of Rs. 4.77 crores. Ornaments weighing 750 sovereigns and currencies to the tune of Rs. 25 lakhs had been looted and four mosques had come under attack. The CPI(M) leader said the police remained a mute spectator to these incidents. Mr. Govindan said that the RSS motive behind these calculated attacks on the properties was to expel the minority communities from these areas and bring such areas under the total control of the RSS.

He said that the CPI(M) demanded that all those who had suffered losses should be given compensation. The Chief Minister's `closed-door' meeting with the RSS leaders gave rise to the suspicion that the Government was colluding with the RSS leadership's efforts to dilute the cases of violence.

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