Cormorant finds a friend

P.P. Sreenivasan

P.P. Sreenivasan  

T. Ramavarman

The bird visits his house and has food every day

THRISSUR: Cormorants do not usually strike a friendship with humans, but an amateur bird-watcher at Guruvayur, P.P. Sreenivasan, and a little bird have developed an unusual relationship. The bird visits his house every day and has food given by him or his wife, after ensuring that nobody else is present. When Mr. Sreenivasan or his family members beckon the bird on the road, it flies down to them.

Cormorants, found near expanses of water, nested in a tall tree near a temple pond in the town. Some chicks fell down from the nests, and Amminiyamma, a woman living nearby, took them to Mr. Sreenivasan, an employee of Guruvayur Devaswom, for nursing them back to health.

The little bird was under his care two months ago. Unlike the others which flew off never to return on becoming adults, this bird keeps coming back.

``I have not given it a name, and I don't want to curtail its freedom. We will exchange our affection whenever we meet,'' Mr. Sreenivasan told The Hindu here.

He keeps the feed (fish is the main item on the menu) ready every day so that his friend will not go hungry.

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